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Electricacid's characters

Post by electricacid on Tue May 28, 2013 10:32 pm

My current characters are;

  • Spike - BtVS
  • Rupert Giles -BtVS
  • Alex Newman (OC)

Alex Newman
Name: Alexandria 'Alex' Newman
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Human. Slayer

Hair colour: Ginger, very very Orange (think Merida from Brave)
Eye colour: Greeny blue, in different lights it could be either.
Clothing: Tight leather pants and a leather jacket with varying tops, all in dark shades, mostly black. Boots.

Personality: Closed off and untrusting due to her past. Sarcastic and strong willed. Determined and very stubborn, when her mind is set to something there is no changing it. However if you can break through the walls, you'll find that she is loyal and gives her heart completely. She can be kind and gentle and sweet. Underneath her rambo exterior is a lonely little girl, looking for love and someone to be herself with. Although she has a vendetta against Demons and Monsters, she is aware that not everything is black and white.
History: Born and raised in England, at the age of 12 her and her parents were kidnapped by demons and tortured for hours. Alex had to watch as the demons used her parents as part of a sacrifice for power. She has spent the passed 8 years hunting monsters and killing demons Winchester style.
Likes: Weapons, fighting, chickeny goodness, the smell of cherries.
Dislikes: Demons & monsters, her memories.
Strengths: Slayer strength, advance knowledge in weapons and demonology.
Weaknesses: Her Parents/memories.
Greatest fear: Being weak, unable to defend herself, being truly alone.

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